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Football Pool

The handle of the eight major privately run British football pools in 1972 was $339,360,000. Half this amount, or $169,680,000, was returned to the players in so-called “dividends,” or prize money. About 30%, or $101,808,000 went to the government in taxes, and the remainilig 20%, $67,872,000, paid salaries, printing costs, advertising and Lotteries, Sweepstakes, Pools and Raffles other expenses, and the promoters’ profits, which are limited by law to 3%. About 20 miffion Britons spend at least one evening a week hoping to acquire sudden and fabulous fortune by trying to select from 50 or more football matches 8 that will end in a tie. The bettor of 2ç or more is not compelled, as in the premium-bond Illinois Lottery, to purchase a £1 bond. The record award was won by an English mechanic, Cohn Carruthers, in 1973, when his 2 bet won $1,574,502.50. Football Pool

Illinois State Lottery

Pay Packet

The three major bouts of legislation up to 1920 which tried to suppress gambling were drastic in their scope. acecourse inspectors, first appointed in 1921, chased bookmakers off the tracks or worked with police to arrest them. The result was that the calling was driven underground, where it was pursued with even more vigour and enthusiasm. In 1921 there were race-meetings throughout the country on five days of each week, all attracting large crowds from across the social spectrum. That enthusiasts off-course could neither bet legally, nor learn of totalisator dividends or receive tips from newspapers, was a source of intense frustration. Those bookmakers moved so easily to fill the void, and exploited it more profitably than they had been able to do before the passing of the anti-gambling laws, was indeed ironic. Pay Packet

Illinois State Lottery

Teaser of Lotteries

Bale and his team worked single-mindedly to get Lotto underway on the due date. From the end of June, entertainer Chic Little wood led a month-long Road show which toured the main centers, explaining its workings and extolling its virtues. 'Teaser' and 'fun' advertisements appeared on television and an exuberant and elaborately choreographed song and-dance number gave singer Ellie Smith, as the 'face of Lotto', a level of public recognition unmatched in her many years in the theatre. Telecom technicians finished the network of data lines connecting Lotto terminals in retail outlets to the Commission's headquarters. The computer and communications hardware were the most expensive items, costing $12 million of the $20 million starting budget. Westpac Banking Corporation was engaged to provide long-term loans and overdraft facilities. Teaser of Lotteries


Selling Hope

Manufactured goods were usually deemed not to be works of art. In 1881 an Auckland retail firm gained permission to raffle oil paintings, oleographs and chrome carvings, but not decorated table-tops, jewel boxes, vases, crockery, leathergoods, carved ivory balls or Italian painted pottery. Yet two months later, Te Awamutu's Presbyterian Church was allowed to raffle unspecified 'goods' at their annual bazaar without further investigation. The church connection may have been significant. In 1883 Mary Brooks, a 34-year-old widow with six children, tried to tug at the public heart-strings. In an attempt to stave off poverty she sought to raffle her late husband's waggon team, which she had been unable to sell by auction or privately. Selling Hope


History of Wowserism

In 1901 Police Commissioner J. B. Tunbridge termed the growing numbers of street betters as 'pests to society', and implicitly criticised the government's failure to amend the law so that they could be arrested. That same Illinois State Lottery government vacillation had already encouraged both the Dunedin and Christchurch City Councils to pass by-laws in 1899 prohibiting bookmaking on the streets. History of Wowserism


Lottery Scams

If you receive an e-mail asking you to play a illinois lottery refuse it. It is a scamster who is out to dupe you. Never divulge you personal or banking information’s. Don’t send any money .It is also illegal to play foreign lotteries by phone or on-line. Inform the local police immediately if you come across any such scam. Lottery Scams


Lotto Scholarship

Everybody is not fortunate enough to get educated. For them its either bread and butter or education. However, the game of chances (lottery) has contributed a lot in the field of education. People want to get educated, however they cannot due to lack of funds here’s where the game of chances provides such people with scholarships if they happen to excel in a certain field. Lotto Scholarship

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